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BTS for OE Magazine

I am not a big autumn fan, normally I get a little melancholic when the bad weather is knocking and moving in for the next month, engrossing me to shoot inside.

But spending a golden October in Berlin was as delightful as it could be. I spent some lovely weeks with my sister, meeting my friends living in the capital and had some amazing shooting opportunities. Together with Sophia Schwan, with whom I have been in London a couple of week earlier, I shot a story for OE magazine. A mens story, yes, really. Normally I am more into girls, but it was a great experience to shoot with Aaron & Johan ( who at least had a feminin haircut). Here you find some outtakes and “behind the scenes” impressions. Still feeling the warm sunbeams on my skin, keeping me warm, even when winter already arrived. Thanks to my adorable team!


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